Tim McGraw’s “Standing Room Only” will get you thinking about life


Tim McGraw has announced the title of his forthcoming 17th studio album with the release of its title track, “Standing Room Only.”

Leading fans on a powerful reflection on life, Tim sings in the chorus, “I wanna live a life, live a life/ Like a dollar and the clock on the wall don’t own me/ Shine a light, shine a light/ Like mama’s front porch when I’m lost and lonely/ Start forgivin’ and start forgettin’/ Be somebody that’s worth rememberin’/ Live a life so when I die/ There’s standing room only, standing room only.”

“‘Standing Room Only’ caught my ear the first time I heard it because of its message,” Tim shares. “For me, this song is so positive and life affirming. It isn’t about the funeral or the procession, it’s about how we live in the here and now. How do we push ourselves and in which direction do we push ourselves? For me, it’s a reminder to live a life filled with gratitude and not take things for granted. Also, it’s a reminder to give back and be there for others.”

“Standing Room Only” was produced by Tim and Byron Gallimore, and written by Craig WisemanTommy Cecil and Patrick Murphy, who also shared a demo clip of the song on Instagram.

Tim’s forthcoming new record will drop later this year.

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