Louis Tomlinson Is Proud Of The Songs He Wrote For One Direction


In a preview of Louis Tomlinson’s upcoming documentary, All of Those Voices, the One Direction alum opened up about why he insisted on writing songs for the boy band.

He said in the first look released Tuesday (March 14th), “It had always been in my mind that it’d be cool if we weren’t just the standard boy band who just got given songs and sang them. Like, maybe we should be writing our own songs.”

He added, “When I think about how proud I am of One Direction, I think of us as a collective. When I think about what makes me most proud as me as an individual in that band, is definitely having the most writing credits. That makes me feel important to the band, and that’s all I ever wanted when I was a lad.”

Tomlinson has writing credits on 1D hits like “Steal My Girl,” “Night Changes,” and “Story of My Life.”