Teams Are Assigned in 13th Annual Hoops Hysteria Event

On Tuesday, March 14th, dozens of people gathered at the Enid Brewing Company for the 13th annual Hoops Hysteria event. The finalists are each assigned a team in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and if that team makes it to the Final Four then they will win 1 of 4 grand prizes.

Prizes for this year’s event are a custom-designed piece of metal art from EH Metal Works, a Blackstone griddle from Ace Hardware, a gift card from Four J’s Tire, and a gift card from T&C Meats. The event was emceed by Wyatt Reed the morning show host on KNID as participants were congratulated or consoled as they drew their team at random.

Door prizes were also drawn throughout the night as winners were given Blake Shelton tickets, Casting Crown Tickets, Extreme Bull Riding tickets, gift certificates to Tiger Pawn, Ramsey’s Whatever Store, and silver coins.