Maroon 5 ready to launch Las Vegas residency: “I think it’s the right time for us”


Maroon 5 officially kicks off their Las Vegas residency Friday night at the Dolby Live theater at Park MGM, and the band is looking forward to staying in one place to avoid “the wear and tear” of touring.

“It’s something that we’ve always imagined,” guitarist James Valentine tells ABC Audio. “I think it’s the right time for us, because let’s face it, we’ve been around for 20 years. We’re getting kinda old.”

“We’ve spent 20 years on the road, so the thought of camping out somewhere for eight weeks sounds very appealing,” he continues. “Because I love what we do, but the only negative part of it is just the wear and tear that travel puts on your body, and your mind and your spirit.”

According to James, Maroon 5’s fans, friends and families are also happy about the residency.

“The fans, I’m hearing online, are very excited,” says James. “But I’ve also just been hearing from a lot of people in my life being like, ‘Hey, you’re going to Vegas, we’re coming out!’ And that’s why I think it’s so cool to to be able to play in a destination city like that … that’s easy for everyone to get to.”

And while performing in one venue will allow the band to do new and exciting things onstage, James admits that Adam Levine‘s dream of having him fly over the crowd may not be part of the equation.

“I think I was way more into that idea about 15 years ago,” he laughs. “I think as I get older, I just think about the potential injuries.”

As for Maroon 5’s downtime in Vegas, will they be spending time, and money, at the tables?

James laughs, “Well, Adam certainly loves to gamble, so we’ll see how that goes.”

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