Stephen Stills Recalls David Crosby Guesting On New Vault Release


Stephen Stills is receiving raves for his newly discovered and just issued vault release, Live At Berkeley 1971. He shed light on the late-David Crosby's two-song appearance on the solo concert set, recalling to The Independent how “Croz” popped up just before showtime at Northern California's Berkeley Community Theater: “He came to see me in the dressing room before the show. I said: 'Let’s do 'The Lee Shore' and he said: 'Alright!' We didn’t run through it that many times — and it shows! But that’s the way we rolled back then. It was marvelous.”

Stills spoke lovingly about his former partner's final days, revealing, “He was on his way to a last tour, and my son (Christopher) was going to play with him. He just went to take a nap and didn’t wake up. Not a bad way to go, actually. There’s part of me that misses him dreadfully, and there’s part of me that thinks he got out of here just in time, if you look at the world.”

Stephen Stills told us that these days, he's way past wanting to know what critics say about his role in rock history or his current work: “It really will f*** you up. My father managed to do a really good job with my self-consciousness, so I don't need any more. A good artistic critique is about all that I'm up for (laughs).”