NJCAA DII World Series Bracket Released


Memorial Day weekend is almost here and that means so is the return of the NJCAA DII World Series here in Enid! Starting Saturday, 10 teams will battle it out in a double elimination style tournament to claim the national championship. We’re so excited to have them back in Enid and CTB Sports is happy to be a major part of the tournament. We’ll broadcast every single game of the tournament from the 1st pitch…to the final out. And now we know what the first round matchups are going to look like!

The NJCAA released the full bracket this morning and this is shaping up to be an incredible tournament. Heartland CC (IL) received the #1 seed in the tournament after a 53-5 season which included winning the Central District. They were the #2 seed in the country in the final poll of the season but with LSU-Eunice being defeated in their District tournament, that opened the door for the Hawks to get that #1 seed. We won’t list the entire tournament broadcast schedule because…well there’s a lot of variables that take place. We will post the bracket below and the start times for the games that are listed will be the broadcast times for us at CTB Sports. Of course, start times of each game will vary based off of weather and the length of the game before it. But below is the official bracket for the 2023 NJCAA DII Baseball World Series (split into 2 parts because the text is so small when we put the entire bracket up as one picture)!

Left side of the bracket:


Right side of the bracket: