Enid Veterans Honored on 58th Wedding Anniversary


National Veterans Flagpoles United honored a married couple of veterans on their 58th wedding anniversary with a flag pole installation ceremony. The ceremony took place Saturday morning July 15th, at 10:30 am.

As part of the ceremony, the flagpole was installed while National Veterans Flagpoles United President Cale Grauberger interviewed the veterans Charlie and Sandra Annis who were also celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary.

After the flagpole was installed the pledge of allegiance was said followed by a prayer, Grauberger then symbolically folded the flag 13 times while explaining the meaning of each fold before presenting the flag to the veterans.

The veterans were also presented with a certificate stating that their flag had flown on a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter that was flown on a mission in Oklahoma to combat wildfires in 2022. Also as a part of the ceremony, a student of Garber High School played “Taps” on the trumpet.

After the ceremony, Charlie Annis spoke with 107.1 KNID about the ceremony saying “I thought it was great it really looked good and I appreciate it. National Veterans Flagpoles United also honored 2 other veterans with flagpoles that day.