Wolfgang Van Halen shares personal connection to wedding song, Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”


In between releasing a new Mammoth WVH album and going on tour, Wolfgang Van Halen is getting married. In an interview with Heavy Consequence, the son of Eddie Van Halen shares why he and his fiancée, Andraia Allsop, chose Peter Gabriel‘s “In Your Eyes” as their wedding dong.

“Peter Gabriel is one of our favorite artists,” Wolf says. “There’s a concert before our wedding that we’re going to see that’s Peter Gabriel, because he’s on tour right now and he’s just one of our favorite artists. So is one of my favorite albums of all time, and it was one of my dad’s favorite albums of all time.”

“I’ve just had a connection with Peter Gabriel and his music forever, and simultaneously, my fiancée [is a fan], as well,” he continues. “So, we couldn’t think of a better song.”

Wolf and Andraia got engaged in July 2022.

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