Should you be shopping for talc-free beauty products?


(NEW YORK) — Cosmetics are a part of a daily routine for many people, but how often are you actually looking at the ingredients?

“Talc is used in a range of beauty products,” Credo senior scientist Christina Ross told Good Morning America.

“In color cosmetics, it serves as a texture enhancer and adds opacity to things like liquid foundations and concealers,” Ross added.

The FDA has raised some concerns about potential contamination of talc with asbestos, which can increase the risk of certain types of lung cancers. It has not, however, made a conclusive link between talc exposure and cancer, and a sample of 50 products tested by FDA in 2022 did not find any asbestos. FDA continues to monitor cosmetic products.

That being said, major brands like Milk Makeup have been formulating talc-free products to avoid any risk.

“We never use talc in any of our formulas,” Dianna Ruth, Co-Founder of Milk Makeup, told Good Morning America. “Instead of talc, which is found in many powders for its mattifying properties, we utilize lentil extract.”

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