The Hospice Circle Of Love Celebtated Their 40 Anniversary Of Serving Terminally Ill Patients



The Hospice Circle Of Love celebrated their 40th Anniversary of caring for terminally ill patients. The foundation was founded by a group of leaders in the early 80’s. Using a donated church basement, one nurse, and 26 trained volunteers; they began caring for terminally ill patients starting as Garfield County Hospice Association. Their intentions are to allow patients to spend their final days at home while lifting the burden of pain and encouraging them to live as a normal life as possible.

In 1986, Medicare certified Circle of Love and added more nurses to their team. In 1990, the non-profit organization changed its name to Hospice Circle of Love. They care for patients within a 60-mile radius of Enid. They are located at 314 S. 3rd Street.

Julie Nelson talked about the event they had to celebrate the occasion.

As stated by Nelson, “We are celebrating 40 years of service. We’ve been caring for terminally ill patients in Northwest Oklahoma since 1983, and so we’re having a big celebration tonight with some of our board members, volunteers, families, and founders.”