Oklahoma Recently Had Elections for Nearby Counties and Towns Here are the Results of Nearby Counties


Oklahoma recently had elections for nearby counties and towns. Here are the results of nearby counties, schools, and businesses.

Garfield & Major County: Chisholm Public Schools’ proposition of $3,175,000 for repair of the school’s HVAC system and more repairs/remodeling to school premises was accepted, winning 71.25% to 28.75% with 407 total votes.

Grant County: Lamont’s proposition to set the municipal excise tax to 5% was accepted, winning 58.62% to 41.38% with 29 total votes.

Kingfisher County: Okarche’s proposition to increase the current trustee count from 3 to 5 was accepted. Winning 85.83% to 14.17% with 127 votes.

Canadian Valley Tech Center’s proposition of $75,000,000 to repair, construct, and remodel school buildings was not accepted. Losing 49.53% to 50.47% with 5,064 votes.

Logan County: Luther Public School’s proposition of $43,210,000 to construct, equip, repair, and remodel school buildings was accepted. Winning 57.55% to 42.45%

Lincoln County: Mcloud Public School’s proposition of $18,475,000 for repair and remodeling of school premises was accepted. Winning 52.91% to 47.09%.