The Cherokee Strip Days Event will be Happening Later this Week in Downtown Enid



The Cherokee Strip Days Event will be happening later this week in Downtown Enid. The Event is being presented by the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce and will take place from Friday, September 15th to Saturday, September 16th, and will be on the Courthouse Lawn. Here is the schedule for each day:

Friday, September 15th

From 11 am to 1 pm, Cherokee Strip Celebration – Lunch Rush, Indian Taco & Drink for $10, courthouse lawn

Saturday, September 16th

9 am to 1:30 pm,  Cherokee Strip Festival – food and vendor booths open on the courthouse lawn

10:30 am, Cherokee Strip Parade in downtown Enid

EnidLIVE! recently had an interview with Lori Coonrod from the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce. She gave more description of some events that will be happening. She states, “On the courthouse lawn we’ve got tons of vendors, different things from puppets to boutique items to handmade crafts. We even have some doggy duds that are gonna be for sale . . . along with several food booths.”

She also mentioned more information on the parade on Saturday. As quoted by Coonrod, “It is gonna be a huge parade. One thing we need to note is that the Longhorns will be driven by real cowboys all the way down Grand from the fairgrounds. Starting around 9-9:15 in the morning, they’re gonna be driven down to the square, leading the parade around, and they will return to the fairgrounds once their portion of the parade is over . . . please do not move around any emergency vehicles or people that are escorting them . . . these are live animals that are very large . . . but they’re very tame.”