Thousands Gather to Watch Parade Celebrating 130th Anniversary of the Cherokee Strip Land Run


The 2023 Cherokee Strip Celebration happened on Saturday, September 16th in downtown Enid. This momentous occasion is to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the Cherokee Strip Land Run. The parade began at the Stride Bank Center and ended at the courthouse lawn at the intersection of Maine and Independence Rd. People in the crowd and the parade dressed up as cowboys and Indians to admire their heritage. The streets were packed with people in anticipation of the parade. The parade floats were tossing candy for the kids on the street. Vance Air Force Base airmen lined up and handed candy out to the crowd.

Some of the parade attendees included the Enid Police Department, first responders from neighboring counties, the Enid High School class of ’73 graduates, marching bands from Waukomis, Pioneer Pleasant, Chisholm, and Enid; and multiple businesses. There were food trucks, and multiple vendors on the courthouse lawn or outside of their respective businesses.

The cattle drive was canceled due to the rain and muddy conditions.