Ed Sheeran Announces New Live Album Recorded In Fan’s Homes


Ed Sheeran has announced a new live version of his upcoming studio album, Autumn Variations, and each song was recorded in a different fan's living room. “So I did some surprise pop up gigs in fan's houses, secretly recording a live album of Autumn Variations where each song is recorded in a different fan's living room, but all of it was a total surprise,” Sheeran wrote on Instagram. In the accompanying video, the singer is seen asking for a tour of fan Kari Conaway's house. “I went into her room I saw a piano,” Sheeran wrote. “She asked if I could play and I said 'not really but I kinda play on wake me up,' so here I am playing Wake Me Up, for all the Plus fans out there.” Sheeran said Conaway was a great host, treating him to “cats, friendship bracelets, and some fruit drinks” upon his arrival.