Drummond Created an Organized Crime Task Force to Crack Down Against Illegal Grow Operation


Attorney General Gentner Drummond has created a Task Force and added a resource for citizens to report suspicious activity for illegal grow operations.

“Illegal marijuana grows are responsible for an alarming influx of organized crime into our communities, particularly from Mexican drug cartels and Chinese crime syndicates. I have made it a priority to wipe out these illicit operators and this task force is a crucial component to driving out criminals and ensuring public safety.”

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBN) has partnered with this new task force, as well as the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to track and investigate all illegal grow operations, as well as human trafficking and distribution of deadly drugs, such as fentanyl.

If you have information about illegal grow operations, submit a tip to the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General at oag.ok.gov by clicking on the “Illegal Marijuana Tipline” tab.

You can also send tips to [email protected]

Your messages will remain anonymous for both ways of communication.