Chloe Fuksa from Putnam Six Bookstore Talks Upcoming 5 Year Celebration



Chloe Fuksa from Putnam Six Bookstore recently had an interview with EnidLIVE! discussing her upcoming celebration on Saturday, October 21.

She started off by talking about the event overall. Quoted by Chloe, “We’re gonna have cookies from 2YK Kitchen, were having sales all day, 11 to 6, it will be all day, and it should be a lot of fun, celebrating five years and thanking everybody for their support, and marking the occasion.”

Chloe then talked about the original idea of creating a bookstore after Hastings closed. “I just got this wild idea, I was like ‘Lets do this, lets open up a bookstore’. I had no experience and never pictured myself as a entrepreneur. I opened it and it’s just been a phenomenal five years.”

She then speaked about her preference on reading instead of binging a TV show. “Theres something about cuddling up with a book . . . I personally think we stare at enough screens all day at work and everything, I don’t like to go home and stare at another screen.”