Sean Mathis from Oakwood Bowl talks Upcoming Trunk or Treat Celebration


Sean Mathis with Oakwood Bowl recently had an interview with EnidLIVE! about their 10th annual Trunk or Treat at Oakwood Bowl this Saturday at 5:30 pm.

He started off by explaining how they will celebrate the occasion. “We are doing a ribbon cutting at 5:45 (pm), so the Chamber of Commerce is actually going to come out to do a ribbon cutting for our ten year. Then after that were looking to do fireworks. It’s a confetti cake, it shoots confetti in the air all over the people. Were doing about 10 of them, those are donated by Shoot the Moon of Enid. And after that right now were sitting at about 100 trunks.”

Sean went on to talk about the previous Trunk or Treats. Stated by him, “We have 3500 to 5000 people. We invite everybody out. Its a free event for them. we do have little fundraisers things like hot dogs, pizza, things that they can purchase for dinner. Then of course there’s candy, lots and lots of candy.”

He spoke out the general reception that the public has about Trunk or Treat. “Lots of smiles. I see lots of smiles, I get lots of hugs from the kids in the community. Like I’ll go out to Walmart and the little kids are like ‘Hey thats Sean from the bowling alley’ and they’ll run up and give me a hug; thats always great.”