Heated Arguments About Potential Blevins Recall Ensued in Enid Major and Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting


During the Regular Meeting for the Major Board and Commissioners; members of the community verbally sparred with Ward 1 Commissioner Judd Blevins and one man was removed from the meeting. There is an effort by members of the Enid community led by the Enid Social Justice committee to recall Ward 1 Commissioner Judd Blevins over accusations of ties to white supremacist groups.

10 people gave their public comments toward the Mayor and Commissioners, and 9 of them were against Blevins.

The first public commentator did not respect the 1-minute time limit and the Mayor David Mason waved his Gavel and threatened to have him escorted outside of the Council Chambers. The comments towards Judd Blevins mostly consisted of accusations that Judd had ties with racist groups, and was a white supremacist.

Member of the Enid Social Justice Committee, Christy Baldwin, gave her public comment against Blevins stating the evidence presented against him. “Unfortunately, Judd Blevins decided last minute that he did not want to disassociate himself from his past connections with neo-Nazi group, Identity Europa. For this reason, justice committee will be restarting the ‘Recall Judd Blevin’s campaign tonight. Since there was a library board election tonight and given that the chaos the demand for library board started with a discord chat, I want the people here, and watching at home to have complete clarity about who Judd is by reading his own words from the leak of his Discord chats. Judd Blevins commenting on our country, ‘Hitler never would have allowed this s**t applauding Adolf Hitler as the model for how we should run our country . . . .”

After the public comment, Judd Blevin requested time to speak during the meeting. He spoke addressing his position and defending his job as Ward 1 commissioner, and talking about how his colleagues are also aiding in calming down his rough public image.

“It is true that my colleague, Commissioner Norwood, tried to remedy the situation between myself and the small group of people who are unhappy that I’ve been elected. He did this not because I asked him to, but because I’ve earned his respect. And he wishes to see me continue on to serve this community as a commissioner . . . If it comes to it, I will stand before the voters of Ward 1 and I will defend the job I’ve done here in my first six months and I will let them decide.”

About one minute into his speech, multiple people interjected, claiming he had run out of time to speak. Mayor Mason then stated, “A commissioner can talk for as long as they want.” Multiple verbal spars occurred between Board Commissioners and members of the public sitting in on the meeting. After Judd made his comments, the meeting went into executive session ending the public part of the meeting.

The full meeting can be viewed at the following link.