Timberlake Head Football Coach Brian Severin Previews Playoff Matchup Against Coyle


Interview with Timberlake Head Coach Brian Severin

The Timberlake Tigers have made it to the Class C State Football Quarterfinals after wining their 1st round matchup against Geary 40-8. Timberlake is no stranger to deep playoff runs, they were the Class C State Champions in 2021, and made to the semifinals last year.

Coach Brian Severin spoke about the game against Coyle and how Coyle will pass the eye test when they step off the bus and have explosive athletes. Severin also spoke about his young core of  sophomore skill position players of QB Peyton Pierce, RB Maverick Judd, and WR Paxton Glenn. “The more they played the better they got”  said Severin.

However Severin acknowledged some of the disadvantages his team has “we’re not real big but we’re real quick”. It should be a great matchup you can listen to the game on CTB Sports 1390,1640 am, the CTB Sports app, and Enidlive.com.