City of Enid is Evolving it’s Green Cart Program


The City of Enid is changing its Green Cart program to better serve the Enid community.

The program will be discontinued until March 1, 2024. According to the City of Enid, “Our commitment to our community has been the driving force behind this decision. After thorough evaluation, it became evident that the Green Cart program was no longer aligned with its intended purpose. The program has faced challenges, with several of its operational functions being discontinued over several years. To ensure both our city’s financial sustainability and environmental stewardship, we are exploring alternative ways to process materials at the landfill. Furthermore, the program was causing financial and operational strains without an adequate fee structure to support it.”

New Green Carts will be available for purchase. Additional carts will be available for any kind of solid waste, yard waste, etc for a nominal fee of $5.50 per month.

Here are some options if you possess an old green cart:

  • Residents can keep the green cart and repurpose it for private needs, such as storage of materials or animal feed.
  • Residents can continue to use the green cart for solid waste services with an additional pickup fee of $4 per pickup per cart by contacting the Solid Waste Department.
  • If residents no longer have a use for their green cart, our Solid Waste department staff will gladly come and collect it free of charge.
  • Please note that the City of Enid has not purchased green carts since October of 2022, and cannot repair or replace damaged carts.