Enid Police Department Makes Statement About Tailgating


The Enid Police Department released a statement regarding traffic safety.

According to their Traffic Division, they are seeing too much tailgating. It is the primary cause of rear-end crashes and the 5th leading cause of all collisions.

“Motorists should also increase the distance between vehicles when following motorcycles, driving behind buses, large trucks, and other drivers who can’t see you, and when following emergency vehicles with activated lights,” EPD says. “Distance should also be increased when a driver behind you wants to pass and may need the gap when you are being followed too closely, when carrying a heavy load or pulling a trailer, following vehicles required to stop at railroad crossings, and in work zones or unfamiliar areas. We are also asking drivers to be mindful of their speed, which also often contributes to following too closely.”

Tailgaters can receive a fine of $100 and court costs. If the violation results in an injury or damage to property, the fine can be $200 plus court costs.