Ward One Commissioner Blevins Recall Election Date Set for April


Judd Blevins’ recall election date has been scheduled for April.

Blevins is being recalled due to claims he allegedly participated in a former white supremacist group called Europa.

Public commentator Christy Baldwin gave her statement against Judd. “I’m here to ask you not to give Judd the favor of the March election as he has requested,” Baldwin said. “This is only happening because he refused multiple opportunities in order to avoid this. On November 21st, Judd delivered a message denouncing white supremacy, but taking no accountability for his personal involvement and multiple white supremacy groups and activities. That is why this went forward.”

Judd had a response to the public comment.

“Over the past 10 months, the voters of Ward One have been accused of being apathetic or ignorant,” Judd said. “I’ve been accused of having misled the voters or even lied. Now this is the perception that the social justice squad has created, and it’s one the media has amplified . . . The turnout in Ward One last February was the highest turnout in a commissioner race across this city in 10 years.”

Moments later, Judd showed a newspaper from the Enid News & Eagle with the headline City Candidate Accused of White Nationalist Ties. He proceeded to state that he did not lie to the voters of Ward One, but it was the Social Justice Squad that did.

Judd began to skew off-topic and make assumptions about the next elected official to be serving the Social Justice Squad which is not allowed in comment. Mayor David Mason had to stop Blevins before the motion could continue.

The motion passed with a vote of 6-1.