Two Men Arrested for Series of Burglaries In Enid


Nathaniel Kent, 28, and Spencer Kent, 27, were arrested on Friday, December 29 for a string of burglaries to automobiles and thefts.

They were arrested at the 900 block of West Cherry after trying to flee on foot at around 8:00 am. Charges were burglary to a motor vehicle, conspiracy, obstruction, and knowingly concealing stolen property. Spencer received additional charges including breaking & entering, possession of drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

At 6:58 am, officers responded to a call about suspicious persons at the 1600 block of North Quincy. They said that there were people in the area with backpacks and checking vehicles with flashlights. The caller also mentioned that the people attempted to break into their vehicle. Officers searched the surrounding area and spotted a person wearing a backpack running away from the police.

The Kents have been linked to five automobile burglaries and the investigation is continuing.