‘Mean Girls’ Holds On To Top Spot At The Domestic Box Office


The Mean Girls musical remake continues to claim the number one spot at the domestic box office, bringing in $11.7 million during its second weekend. Deadline reports that it was a slow weekend overall, as The Beekeeper came in second place with $8.4 million and Wonka took third with $6.44 million.

Box Office Numbers from Friday (January 19th) through Sunday (January 21st):

1. Mean Girls, $11.7 million
2. The Beekeeper, $8.4 million
3. Wonka, $6.44 million
4. Anyone But You, $5.4 million
5. Migration, $5.3 million
6. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, $3.655 million
7. I.S.S., $3 million
8. Night Swim, $2.7 million
9. Boys in the Boat, $2.535 million
10. Poor Things, $2.04 million