Taylor Swift ‘Absolutely Loved’ The Shirtless Jason Kelce


Travis Kelce assured his brother Jason on the new episode of their podcast that Taylor Swift was delighted by his shirtless antics at the Chiefs – Bills playoff game last weekend. “Tay said she absolutely loved you,” he revealed. But Jason's wife probably didn't feel the same way. “She was already telling me to be on my best behavior ’cause we were meeting Taylor, so she’s like, ‘Do not. Be on your best behavior,’” the Philadelphia Eagles star told his brother. Travis also revealed that the hand-heart gesture he flashed after scoring the first of his two touchdowns (which Swift often uses onstage) wasn't aimed at her, but at the angry Bills fans who were booing him. “Had to spread the love, baby…I just wanted to make sure they knew it wasn’t mutual. I don’t hate you guys like you hate us. It’s all love.”