Coachella Ticket Sales Slow Despite No Doubt, Lana Del Ray


Tickets to Coachella typically sell out in under an hour, or at most a few days, but this year's festival still has plenty for sale almost a week later. Social media has been busy speculating about the reason, with some pointing to the staggering $500-$600 price, others to signs of an impending recession, and many more to the less-than-impressive lineup. Headliners Lana Del Ray, Tyler The Creator, Doja Cat, and No Doubt all have loyal fanbases, but 3 of the 4 have been touring regularly in recent years, and No Doubt's reunion has received little fanfare. Coachella organizers haven't commented on the slow sales, but the official website is now allowing people to purchase up to 8 tickets, compared to only 2 in previous years.