Enid Police Department Remind People about Hazard Light Awareness


Enid Police Department discussed the 2019 bill requiring vehicles to slow down for any vehicle with flashing lights. These include first responders, law enforcement, maintenance workers, or cars with hazard lights on.

On Nov. 1, 2019, Senate Bill 89 was approved; which amended the safety zone law to include any vehicles with flashing lights, including hazard lights. Motorists need to move to a separate lane if they see any vehicles with their hazard lights flashing. If no such lane exists, motorists should proceed with “due caution” and slow to a “safe speed for existing road, weather, and traffic conditions.”

Sometimes, vehicles need to pull over, which can be a hazard for all motorists. Oklahoma’s highway construction zones are not only established zones, they can happen at any time and any place for emergency responders working on a crash scene, or making immediate repairs.

Drivers must move over for any vehicle with flashing hazard lights, Oklahoma Department of Transportation/Oklahoma Turnpike Authority maintenance vehicles, Oklahoma Highway Patrol or local law enforcement vehicles, and emergency vehicles.