Hennessey Boys Defeat Watonga 84-52, Watonga Girls Defeat Hennessey 45-30


In the battle of the Eagles between Hennessey and Watonga, Hennessey boys came out on top defeating Watonga 84-52. It was a brilliant performance by Hennessey who lived up to their billing as one of the best teams in Class 2A.

Former CTB Sports Allstar’s James Sims and Jael Torres were incredible with James Sims scoring 24 points in only 3 quarters of action while Torres had 18 points and several rebounds. Hennessey kept the pressure up with their patented high-octane style of play. Watonga often tried to match Hennessey’s pace instead of slowing the game down playing right into Hennessey’s wheelhouse.

Ultimately the Watonga Eagles were unable to keep up and fell behind early.

Girls Game Recap:

It was Watonga who won the girl’s matchup defeating Hennessey 45-30 winning the 3rd matchup between the two schools this year. The 1st game went to Hennessey they won 55-50 in overtime, while the second game went to Watonga who won a 52-43 victory. In game 3 Watonga cruised to an easy victory in a game that never seemed to be in doubt. Watonga grabbed on to the lead early and never let go.

It was a rough night shooting the ball for Hennessey who often struggled to hit open shots. Reese Coleman led the way for the Lady Eagles of Watonga with 18 points while Kadee Meeker had 12 points for Hennessey in a strong outing.