John Oliver, Jon Stewart, ‘Road House’ + More!


JOHN OLIVER IS ‘SURPRISED’ JON STEWART IS RETURNING TO ‘THE DAILY SHOW:’ John Oliver responded to the news that Jon Stewart is returning to The Daily Show on Mondays during an appearance on The Today Show Wednesday (January 24th). “I mean, that’s, that is a surprise,” he said. “That’s a show that needs a host. He certainly is a very, very good one. So yeah, it’ll be exciting to see what he does. I do think after 2025 they should appoint a permanent host. I would have hired Roy Wood, or Amber Ruffin is very good, but it’s going to be very exciting to see Jon again in an election year.”

CHECK OUT THE TRAILER FOR ‘ROAD HOUSE:’ On Thursday (January 25th), Prime Video dropped the trailer for Road House, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a former UFC fighter named Elwood Dalton. In the movie, Gyllenhaal’s Dalton is hired as security by a woman (Jessica Williams) who owns a road house in the Florida Keys—where he fights off badly-behaved guests. The action-packed film is set to be released on the streaming platform on March 21st. Entertainment Tonight reports that the director of the film, Doug Liman, is planning to boycott its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival because of Amazon’s decision to send it straight to streaming. 

‘WOLF PACK’ IS CANCELLED AT PARAMOUNT+ AFTER JUST ONE SEASON: According to The Hollywood Reporter, there will not be a second season of Wolf Pack. Paramount+ had originally intended to proceed with another season of the show, but the company now feels the premiere date would be too far out following the writers and actors strikes. When asked about a second season of the show in March, star and executive producer Sarah Michelle Gellar told the outlet, “We’d like to. We haven’t gotten the official word. I think it’s a tough time right now with the strike coming up. It’s hard, but our numbers have been great and people are still really finding the show and getting excited about it, so I’m hopeful for a season two.”

EMMA ROBERTS SAYS KIM KARDASHIAN WAS A ‘PRO’ ON ‘AMERICAN HORROR STORY:’ Kim Kardashian’s American Horror Story costar, Emma Roberts, sang her praises while speaking with Extra at the premiere of Feud: Capote vs. The Swans on Tuesday (January 23rd). “She’s amazing, she’s a pro,” Roberts said. “She’s one of the most prepared people I’ve ever worked with and she’s just chill. I love her so much.”