Volcano erupts in Iceland for third time in two months


(NEW YORK) — A volcano began erupting in southwestern Iceland early Thursday, sending lava jets as high as 80 meters, the country’s weather office said.

“At 5:30 this morning an intense seismic activity started north-east of mt. Sýlingarfell. Around 30 minutes later, a volcanic eruption started at the site,” the Icelandic Met Office said.

Images taken by an Icelandic Coast Guard’s surveillance flight appeared to show the eruption taking place at a location near the Dec. 18 eruption, official said.

Another eruption nearby on Jan. 14 sent lava flowing into Grindavik, a small town that had been evacuated prior to the eruption.

The latest fissure was about 3 km long, the office said.

“This time a bit further North than December eruption and further away from town of Grindavik,” Gisli Olafsson, an MP, said on social media.

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