Oklahoma Senate Pro Tem Doubles Down on Grocery Tax Cut


Oklahoma Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, Oklahoma City-R, has doubled down on Senate Bill 1283 which aims eliminate the state portion of the grocery sales tax.

This move was preceded by the release of the January report from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday. The report showed that grocery prices has risen by 4% over the past year.

“This new report further highlights Oklahomans need help feeding their families,” Pro Tem Treat said. “With the average Oklahoman spending nearly $300 per trip to the grocery store and prices continuing to rise, we need to do what we can to help Oklahomans now.”

Pro Tem Treat also stated that Gov. Kevin Stitt had already publicly committed to signing a grocery tax cut bill.

Senate Bill 1283 is currently in the Senate Rules Committee. No date to hear the bill has been set.