Selma Blair Faces Backlash For Posting Islamophobic Comment


Selma Blair is facing backlash for a comment she left on a video shared by Abraham Hamra on Instagram recently. According to NBC News, Hamra criticized representatives Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush in the video for voting against a measure that would bar anyone who took part in the October 7th attack in Israel from immigrating to the U.S.

“Deport all these terrorist supporting goons. Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroy minds,” Blair wrote in a since-deleted comment. “They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate.”

Many took to X to share their shock and disappointment at the Cruel Intention actor’s comment. “Selma Blair going full speed ahead with bigotry and hate speech was not on my bingo card for 2024,” one person wrote. Another commented, “Selma Blair revealing herself to be a raging Islamaphobic bigot…well.”

Some compared her actions to Melissa Barrera’s—the actor who was dropped from the Scream franchise after she posted in support of Palestine on social media. “It's quite something that Selma Blair can be such openly vile and bigoted and basically call for the death of an entire population with impunity but Melissa Barrera cannot share a link to donate to Palestinian refugees without her agency almost dropping her,” one person wrote.

Blair has deleted her account on X in response to the backlash.