Jennifer Lopez Says Ayo Edebiri Apologized To Her ‘With Tears In Her Eyes’


Jennifer Lopez revealed in a new cover story for Variety that Ayo Edebiri apologized for the comments she made on the Scam Goddess podcast ahead of their Saturday Night Live show together. The Bear actor said on a 2020 episode that Lopez’s “whole career is one long scam.”

“She was mortified and very sweet,” Lopez said. ”She came to my dressing room and apologized with tears in her eyes, saying how terrible it was that she had said those things.”

The Hustlers actor continued, “She felt really badly and loved my performance because we had just done my soundcheck and she actually got to hear me perform. She was just like, ‘I’m so f—king sorry, it was so awful of me.’”

Lopez added that the comments the Theater Camp actor made on the podcast were nothing new to her. “It’s funny,” she said. “I’ve heard similar things said about me throughout my career, so it really didn’t affect me.”