Dr Pepper announces brand-new creamy coconut flavor


(NEW YORK) — Dr Pepper has a new flavor hitting stores soon to jumpstart the summer mood.

The soda company announced that Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut and Creamy Coconut Zero Sugar drinks are coming to stores starting May 1.

“Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut brings together the perfect combination of the original 23 Dr Pepper flavors with layers of tropical coconut flavor and a delicious, creamy finish,” read an announcement for the new flavor, which also added that the new drink “pairs perfectly with a hot summer day.”

The drinks will be sold in 12-packs of 12-fluid-ounce cans as well as 20-fluid-ounce bottles and will be available from May until July. The standard version comes in a light blue and red can with a coconut image on it, and the Zero Sugar variety is packaged with a brown and light blue theme.

According to Dr Pepper, the new drinks are “the only coconut-cream-flavored dark soda on the market” currently.

The new beverages are reminiscent of the so-called “dirty sodas” popular in Utah, which are traditionally made with flavored syrup, soda and cream, and are sold at various restaurant locations across the state. The drive-through soda-fountain chain Swig, for example, which was founded in Utah and has several locations across other western states, offers its own version of a Dr Pepper-based concoction with coconut, as well as Coca-Cola and Pepsi-based coconut drinks, and Mountain Dew and Sprite-based coconut drinks, among others. 

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