How to get a last-minute tax filing extension

(NEW YORK) -- Tax season, beloved by few and dreaded by many, comes to a close on Monday. For some tardy filers, though, the task will just be getting started.Up to one in three Americans waits until the last minute to file their taxes,... Read More.

Inflation surged higher in March

(NEW YORK) -- Consumer prices rose 3.5% in March compared to a year ago, accelerating markedly from the previous month and reversing some of the progress achieved in a two-year fight to cool inflation, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed. The finding matched... Read More.

Inflation expected to have surged higher in March

(NEW YORK) -- Elected officials, investors, and everyday households await fresh inflation data on Wednesday that is set to reveal whether the fight to cool price increases remains mired in a rough patch.Price increases have cooled dramatically from a peak of about 9%, but... Read More.