Coyotes in Idaho chasing skiers, 1 woman bitten: Officials

(SANDPOINT, Idaho) -- Idaho Fish and Game officials are hunting for answers about why coyotes have been chasing skiers at a resort, even biting one person.Officials received reports this month that coyotes seen on Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort in North Idaho were chasing skiers as... Read More.

Rare, green comet to pass by Earth Wednesday

(NEW YORK) -- If you're looking at the night skies Wednesday and make out a tiny green light in the sky, don't panic, aliens haven't landed.A rare green comet that has been traveling through our solar system for the last month is expected to... Read More.

11 people hurt in mass shooting in Florida: Police

(LAKELAND, Fla.) -- A mass shooting in Lakeland, Florida on Monday has left 11 people wounded, the Lakeland Police Department announced.According to police, two victims are critically injured and nine face non-life-threatening injuries."One is in surgery and the other is either in surgery or headed... Read More.