We're back at it this week to cover two schools for this first time this year! Spread the word on where we'll be this Friday night! Friday 1/15: Oklahoma Bible Academy @ Hennessey My 95.7 KXLS Girls tipoff... Read More.
It's time for Championship Sunday at the Wheat Capital Tournament! For the 52nd time in its remarkable history, both a boys and girls team will be crowned Wheat Capital Tournament Champion. All games today... Read More.
We enter the second day of the Wheat Capital Tournament! Catch all of the action from Games 1-5 on 1640 The Eagle and then Games 6-8 will be on 95.7 KXLS. After each game... Read More.
Today is the beginning of the 2021 Wheat Capital Tournament at Chisholm High School! Catch all of the action from Games 1-5 on 1640 The Eagle and Games 6-8 on 95.7 KXLS. After each... Read More.
It is time for high school basketball in 2021! CTB is kicking off the season tonight (Tuesday) with a regular season matchup and then we'll once again the home for coverage of the 52nd... Read More.
10. Baltimore Ravens 9. Cleveland Browns 8. Los Angeles Rams 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6. Seattle Seahawks 5. Pittsburgh Steelers 4. Green Bay Packers 3. Buffalo Bills 2. New Orleans Saints 1. Kansas City Chiefs   FINALLY, a reason to drop the Steelers. I, like... Read More.
Unbelievable action from last week's games have given us two matchups to cover this weekend! Spread the world on where you can here these playoff matchups! Playoff Week 5 Schedule: December 11: Laverne @ Pioneer-Pleasant Vale... Read More.
We're down to the final rounds of the playoffs all over the state. Spread the world of where we'll be this Friday! Playoff Week 4 Schedule: December 4: Pioneer-Pleasant Vale @ Velma-Alma on 95.7 KXLS at... Read More.
10. Indianapolis Colts 9. Las Vegas Raiders 8. Los Angeles Rams 7. Seattle Seahawks 6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5. Buffalo Bills 4. Green Bay Packers 3. New Orleans Saints 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 1. Kansas City Chiefs   Good God the Raiders are TOUGH. Derek Carr... Read More.
As we hit Thanksgiving week, less and less teams are still playing high school football in Oklahoma. More great matchups are still to come, and CTB Sports will be all over them! Spread the word! Playoff... Read More.