Biden speaks in Poland after surprise trip to Ukraine

(WARSAW, Poland) -- President Joe Biden will address the world on Tuesday from Warsaw, Poland, just days ahead of the one-year mark of Russia's violent invasion of Ukraine."His remarks will speak specifically to the conflict in Ukraine, but they will also speak to the larger... Read More.

Proposed changes to Roald Dahl books spark backlash

(LONDON, U.K) -- Some of Roald Dahl's beloved children's books will be getting updates to be more inclusive, progressive and more acceptable to today's readers, according to The Roald Dahl Story Company, which owns the rights to the books.The celebrated children's book author was... Read More.

Could F-16 jets turn the tide for Ukraine?

(NEW YORK) -- As the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war that has followed approaches its one-year mark, some U.S. officials are pushing the federal government and other allies to bolster Ukrainian forces' weapons.On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told ABC News' This... Read More.