Elle Fanning reportedly facing off with the predator in Badlands from Prey director Dan Trachtenberg


Deadline is reporting that The Great’s Elle Fanning is such a fan of the Predator series that she’s landed the lead role opposite the big-game-hunting extraterrestrials in Predator: Badlands, director Dan Trachtenberg‘s follow-up to his Emmy-nominated Prey. 

The trade says the 20th Century Studios project is but one Predator-related film Trachtenberg is overseeing, with a sequel to Prey starring Amber Midthunder also in the works. 

While Prey ended up on Hulu, breaking viewership records, Fanning’s project could be headed to the big screen, the trade speculates.

Deadline reports executives “got wind” of Fanning’s fangirling over the franchise that started with the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger action classic and set up a meeting with Trachtenberg. The trade says shooting could get underway later in 2024 if she signs on the dotted line.

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