“He really is a superhero”: Jeremy Renners Kingstown co-star Michael Beach on stars near-fatal accident


As reported back in January, nearly a year to the day he was almost killed in a snowplow accident, Jeremy Renner revealed he was back on the set of the Paramount+ show Mayor of Kingstown.

Renner suffered more than 31 broken bones and had other serious injuries from the accident, but to this day, his co-stars are as in awe of his recovery as Renner’s fans are.

Michael Beach plays Kareem Moore in the series and told ABC Audio he was shocked to learn how close Renner came. “Things that he told me that I didn’t know that, you know, like the fact that he actually died and they brought him back. I didn’t know that,” the award-winning actor says.

Beach added, “It’s remarkable to see what he is doing. And pretty much I don’t think … anyone watching will have any idea. You can’t see anything different.”

Beach continues, “On set, of course, he needs — he needs a little more breaks. He’s always got to exercise. He’s got to stretch. He’s got special chairs to sit in and stuff like that. But, you know, it’s so quick … from his accident — to see the things that he can do is incredible.”

Beach adds with a laugh, “So, yeah, he really is a superhero, man. He really is.”

Mayor of Kingstown returns to Paramount+ for season 3 on June 2.


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