Michael Che tells ‘The View’ “I thought I had the vaccine for Black appropriation” after ‘SNL’ sketch flap


In a remote appearance on The View Tuesday, Saturday Night Live writer and Weekend Update co-host Michael Che said he was “99.9% sure” he’d be returning to SNL next season, adding, “at the end of a season I always think I’m going to quit because I [just] went through a whole season.”

The comic also had a laugh at the flap caused by the “Gen Z Hospital” sketch he wrote for guest host Elon Musk. Online complainers claimed the sketch, which poked fun at young people’s overuse of phrases like “bruh” and “cap” misappropriated “AAVE” — that is, African American Vernacular English.

“I thought I had the vaccine for Black appropriation, being Black,” Che joked, adding, of the threat of being “cancelled” over the bit. “I thought I was immune, but you know what? You’re never immune.”

Che clarified that the “very silly sketch” was actually making fun of “internet-speak.” He said the sketch, “worked for some people and did not work for a lot more.”

As for his future with the program, Che quipped, “I assume when I leave SNL it won’t be of my choosing.”

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