“People make mistakes”: Eiza González defends Jennifer Lopez amid “disturbing” online bullying


The headlines have not been kind to Jennifer Lopez of late, what with rumors her marriage to Ben Affleck is on the rocks, the critical drubbing of her sci-fi movie Atlas and her canceling her concert tour.

In response, the internet hasn’t been kind, either — and Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare actress Eiza González wants it to stop. 

In a statement posted in an Instagram Story Friday, González noted, “I have to say the level of bullying that this woman has received in the last few months is so disturbing and heartbreaking,” according to a screencap from Page Six. “How can you complain about someone being mean while enjoying mean about them.”

She added, “People are humans, make mistakes and some have personal things happening while also having to be constantly perfect in the public eye.”

She expressed, “The world is a pretty complicated place. The best thing we can be right now is be kind. We have no clue what people are experiencing.”

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