Alice Cooper Announces His Satirical Run For President In 2024


Just as Alice Cooper has done in every presidential election since releasing his anthem, “Elected,” in the early 70s, the shock rock legend has once again announced his run for President in 2024. In his satirical campaign video, Cooper describes his qualifications to lead this country with his typically acerbic wit: “Well, I’m Alice Cooper and I’m a troubled man for troubled times. I have absolutely no idea what to do, so I should fit right in.”

You can visit to sign up for The Wild Party and keep up to date with Alice’s ongoing presidential campaign, and get notified about his campaign kick-off events, virtual rallies, and question-and-answer sessions with candidate Cooper. Alice Cooper first announced the formation of the Wild Party and declared his “candidacy” in the music video for “Elected” in 1972. “Elected” was the lead single from Cooper’s No. 1 album, Billion Dollar Babies, which was released in March of 1973. (Blabbermouth)