David Crosby Drops Michael McDonald Team-Up As Teaser For New Album


David Crosby's new team-up with the Doobie Brothers' Michael McDonald, "River Rise," has been issued as a teaser for Croz's upcoming For Free album set for July 23rd. James Raymond — Crosby's son, and the song's co-writer with his father and McDonald — told Rolling Stone, "'River Rise' came from wanting to write something very evocative of California, but almost with a country-song perspective. something that speaks to the empowerment of the everyman or everywoman.”

Last year, Crosby told the magazine, "I think people are going to love this record. I think people are going to like the music. And that is great. That is what I’m holding onto, fiercely, to try and get through all the crazy. And there’s a lot of crazy."

David Crosby told us he still feels blessed and privileged to have been able to be a songwriter and recording artist for over half a century: ["I'm not a wise man, I'm not a studied man, I'm not really an educated man. For me to glimpse a piece of truth that gleamingly clear is a big event in my life and to be able to transmit it, it's a big deal. And I felt that if we got any of that level on a record that I was functioning as I was born to do. This is the job I was born to do."] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . born to do)

David Crosby On Being Born To Make Music :