Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” Guitar Up For Auction


The vintage acoustic guitar that auctioneers claim Eric Clapton used to compose his ballad “Wonderful Tonight” is going up for auction in June, with an expected sale price of $500,000 and up. The well-used instrument apparently even features visible burns on the headstock of the guitar, remnants of the many cigarettes that Clapton stuck under the strings over the years. Clapton is said to have acquired the 1974 000-28 Martin acoustic guitar in the mid-70s. Another distinguishing characteristic of Clapton’s guitar is that it has a prominent sticker on the side that reads, “She’s in Love with a Rodeo Man,” a reference to the hit song performed by country star Don Williams. Clapton apparently parted ways with the guitar when the multiple Grammy Award-winning artist sold it at a charitable auction back in 1999. (Reuters)