Heart’s Ann Wilson Believes The Music Industry Is Being Picked Apart By Computers


Heart vocalist Ann Wilson disclosed during a conversation with TribLIVE that she believes things have changed dramatically in the music industry since she started out, and not always for the better. “It doesn’t seem like it’s in the hands of humans these days,” Wilson stated. “I feel like it’s more or less been given to the computers to compartmentalize and pick apart all the music and decide which genre they’re part of and then to stick them in that little pigeonhole.”

While home recording, streaming, and social media algorithms allow for previously unheard artists to have their music reach a worldwide audience, Wilson still laments how things have been forever changed in the industry. “It also takes away some of the quality control,” Wilson said. “If every single person can make an album, then what’s special about that? I don’t know.” (Ultimate Classic Rock)