Interpol Apologize For Mistakenly Copying Artist’s Work For Tour Poster


When Interpol set out on their 20th anniversary tour for their sophomore album, Antics, they thought they chose an original image for their tour poster. They were unaware that the design was a close copy of a painting by New York-based artist Tony Sjöman. After a friend of Sjöman pointed out the similarities on Instagram, Interpol apologized for the oversight.

“We were under the impression that the designer we were working with was presenting us with original work. We were wrong. Ultimately the responsibility lies with us to ensure we do not disseminate an artist’s work without their permission in our promotions, and so for that reason we apologize and pledge to do better moving forward to ensure the protection of the artist’s creative property.” Sjöman has no ill will, posting on Instagram, “Having your work plagiarized is unfortunate, but the way in which Interpol immediately took action is both rare and admirable!” (Stereogum)