Members of Talking Heads surprised by public reaction to their Stop Making Sense reunion


The four members of Talking Heads — David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison and Tina Weymouth — got together last year to help promote the 40th anniversary rerelease of their iconic concert film, Stop Making Sense, and it seems they were pretty surprised by the public’s reaction to their reunion. 

“I assumed — I guess wrongly — that memory fades away, and that at some point, you’re kind of a ‘Where are they now?’ like you see on one of those cheesy documentaries,” Byrne tells Rolling Stone. “But that didn’t happen. That’s really surprising and flattering.” 

Frantz adds that the audience reaction during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert “was an awesome feeling.”

As for whether their recent reunion may spark a musical one in the future, the band isn’t saying.

“I’ve learned not to expect [anything],” Harrison says, although he notes, “We have taken baby steps forward to repairing our relationship.”

Regarding performing again, Byrne calls reports of the band being offered millions of dollars to play summer festivals “completely made up,” while Harrison shows a reluctance to tour, sharing, “It’s a lot of work. I don’t know how the Rolling Stones and The Who and these guys do it anymore.” 

“The world would love it, and we’re not getting any younger,” Harrison continues, “but I’m not holding my breath in any way.”

In the meantime, the four members of Talking Heads are due to reunite for two more Stop Making Sense Q&A sessions: June 4 at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, where the original Stop Making Sense concerts took place, and June 13 at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre.

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