Patrick Stump Says He’s Lucky Due To Fall Out Boy’s Career Longevity


In a new interview, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump shares how fortunate he feels about the long career of his pop-punk band. The singer shares about an old job he had before he became a rock star, where he became familiar with just what happened to old discarded bands when fans grew tired of their music and moved on. “I used to work at a used record store. That was one of my first jobs,” Stump shared. “And it was a used record store, meaning that people really only brought in records they didn’t want. And so I got really acquainted with what music careers usually look like. They don’t look like the one that I’ve had. Some of my favorite artists ever had one or two songs that people liked. I try not to think about it too much as an achievement and more of just like a gift. I’m so grateful to get to do this.” (People)