Scott Stapp Shares Insight About Creed’s Reunion And Potential New Music


Creed frontman Scott Stapp has discussed the fans’ reaction to Creed’s current reunion tour, and shared his thoughts about whether the chart-topping Florida rock band will ever release new music again. Speaking with Consequence of Sound, Stapp revealed that the overwhelming response to the recent Creed Cruises surprised him. “It’s been overwhelming and I didn’t even really understand the enormity of it. Our two cruises were the fastest ever music cruises to sell out,” Stapp revealed. “I have tremendous gratitude. I’m thankful. I’m blown away. There’s three generations of Creed fans that we’ve connected with.”

As for the possibility of new Creed music in the future, Stapp said, “Who knows what’s going to happen. That’s not something that we’ve laid out or planned right now. We’re just kind of focusing on getting back in the groove of being onstage together, playing together. We’ll see what happens organically.” (Consequence of Sound)